Holovsn is an innovative technology that accentuates your brand by using its ingenious holographic hi tech videos which create a floating illusion of 3D visuals in mid-air.

Holovsn is cost-effective, Provides high resolution 3D visuals and creates a 'Floating in mid air' effect.

Futuristic Technology

Assured head turner

High ROI

High conversion of prospect into customer

Creative flexibility

Step by step customization

Revolutionary transformation towards futuristic advertising


It is the next big thing in displaying adverts on facades, transforming your display space into an animated, high definition, super catchy product showcase.

DIGIPLAY offers unsurpassed brightness, contrast and viewing angles making it the best choice amongst various display options.

High light transmittance

Clear and Sharp Imagery

Eye Catching Graphics

Engaging Visual Exhibit

Brand Popularity

Stand out from the Rest

Adding the third dimension to your brand

The Process

Holovsn - The Process

How we achieve awesomeness?

Keeping in Mind the product /service , skilled designers and animators create high resolutions 3D models which are then adapted on Holovsn and installed at the clients' desired location.

Digiplay - The Process

Woo your customers!

An end to end customised animated creative is generated with hours of brainstorming with the creative team after which a polarised film creates the magic of digitalising the store facade.

About Us

Who we are?

KRYP Media is more than our name — it’s a character of who we are. Kryp comes from the short for Krypton, an element which is used in laser and high light emitting plasma and it personifies the spirit which, when embedded into our company’s DNA, can inspire unyielding commitment, limitless creativity and error free execution.

What we do?

We, at Kryp Media create brand experiences that are distinctive, captivating and that resonate enduringly with consumers with the help of our immaculately designed customized videos that play seamlessly on Holovsn & Digiplay. The ultra – bright 3 d content creates an engaging and mesmerizing retail experience leading to a higher dwell time and hence influences purchasing decision. Our strategists, engineers and designers work holistically to plan and build an enduring solution for brands to tantalize customers and inculcate brand loyalty.

Media Presence


Holographic display has an impact ratio of over 80%
- Karan Bhardwaj

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